Creative Writing


The Clever Dream of Man (Poetry Collection), Aldrich Press, 2015. Buy it here.


“Fall Break in Paris Was a Mistake,” Brain Mill Press, Read it!

“Jealousy” and “With Love to California, Now That I No Longer Live There,”Blue Lyra, Read them!

“Reunion Weekend Fills Divorce Courts,” Spilled Milk Magazine, Read it!

“We Die Three Times Before Summer’s End,” Bloodstone Review, Read it!

“I Believe in Floating Grandfathers” and “Tomcat in Love,” Fox Adoption Magazine, read them here and here!

“The Ass in Your Hands,” S/tick, Read it!

“Spat, With Birdseed,” “Tending the Gaps,” and “The House After She’s Gone” The Good Men Project, Read it here!

“Don’t Expect the Sun Again Until Next Thursday,” Hermes, read it!

“Reincarnation As Someone With A Love Life” and “Requiem for Useful Things,” Melancholy Hyperbole, August 2015. Read them here and here.

“The Window.” Walking Is Still Honest, August 2015. Read it!

“Ranking Kisses.” Lumen Magazine, June 2015. Read it!

“The House After She’s Gone.” The Good Men Project, June 2015. Read it!

“Sweetwater Sister.” The Fem, June 2015. Read it! Listen to me read it on live radio here (starting at 53:20)

“The Grave Tree.” The Fem, June 2015. Read it!

“Make Them Ivory Gates, Why Don’t You?” Philadelphia Review of Books blog, May 2015. Read it!

“The ‘Just’ in ‘Just Friends’ Is Misleading.” Walking Is Still Honest, April 2015.

“Letter to Myself” and “The Toaster’s Misgivings.” Hartskill Review, April 2015

“Molly’s American Yes,” Poetry Super Highway, April 2015, Read it!

“Dreamhouse.” Uppagus, April 2015, Read it!

“At Murphy Beach.” River Poets Journal (National Poetry Month 2015 Sprinkle of Napkin-Pocket Poems), April 2015. Read it! 

“The View Up Davey’s Shorts When I was Fourteen.” Painted Bride Quarterly, February 2015. Read it!

“Darryl Sleeps Through The Best Sunrise I’ve Ever Seen.” Allys, 2014. Read it!

“She Said Yeah.” Poydras Review, 2014. Read it!

“Moving With Dad.” Boston Literary Magazine, Fall 2014. Read it!

“Jackpot Modern.” Extract(s), 2014. Read it!

“Drowning, August 13, 2013.” 3Elements Review, 2014. Read it!

Creative Nonfiction 

“Love Will Keep Us Together, Keep Us From Cannibalism” in Dead Inside: Poems and Essays About Zombies. Buy a copy!

Review of William Bradley’s Fractals, New Orleans Review. Read it!

“Guide My Head With Your Hands,” Bluestem. Read it!

“How Deep They Cut,” Word Riot. Read it!

“Mouth Noises,” Squalorly. Read it!

“Love and Loathing in Las Vegas.” Full Grown People, December 2014.

“Big Water, Big Easy.” Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie, 2014. Read it!

“My Father’s Secret.” Prick of the Spindle, 2013. Read an excerpt or Buy it!

“‘Not Your Mother’s Pizzelles’: Making New Food Traditions” in Storied Dishes. Linda Berzok, ed. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 2010

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