Academic Publications


The Geography of Literature: From Huck Finn’s Mississippi to The Wizard’s Emerald City, under contract with ABC-CLIO

The Poet’s Playground: Writing Exercises for Beginners. Five Oaks Press, 2014. Buy it!

Reading Joan Didion (with William Lombardi). Greenwood Press, 2009

Reading Barbara Kingsolver (with Jennifer Warren). Greenwood Press, 2009

Food Culture of the Caribbean. Greenwood Press, 2005


Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Dixie Displacement: Exile from the South in Vivian Shipley’s Poetry,” forthcoming from the Paterson Literary Review

“Biting Critiques: Paranormal Romance and Moral Judgment in True Blood, Twilight, and The Vampire Diaries” in A Critique of Judgment in Film and Television. Eds. Silke Panse and Dennis Rothermel. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. Buy it!

Co-authored with Ellen Rees. “Patriarchal Consumption of the Female Body in Cecilie Løveid’s Måkespisere.” From Free Love to Decadence: Literature, Letters and Drama in Modern Scandinavia. Essays in Honour of Professor Janet Garton. Ed. C. Claire Thomson and Neil Smith. Norwich: Norvik Press, 2014

“Food Safety and the Abject: Mad Cow Disease and Racist Rhetoric in the Southwest.” South Atlantic Quarterly 107:2 (spring 2008)

“‘Making Do’: Caribbean Foodways and the Economics of Postcolonial Culture.”MELUS 32.2 (winter 2007)

“Serpent’s Teeth in the Kitchen of Meaning: A Theory of South African Culinary Historiography.” Journal of American and South African Comparative Studies (June 2000)

“Food, Ideology, and Performing the Self.” Proteus: A Journal of Ideas 17:1 (March 2000)


Other Articles

“Mythic Couplings: Interracial and Interspecies Romance in James Fenimore Cooper, Charlaine Harris, and Stephanie Meyer,” Proceedings of the 31st Annual Southwest/Texas Popular and American Culture Association, Gender Studies Area. Michael Johnson and Gypsey Teague, eds. Cambridge Scholar’s Press, 2011

“Closing the Hallmark Card: Teaching Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’ as a Modernist Expression of Isolation,” Teaching American Literature: A Journal of Theory and Practice 2:1 (winter 2008). Read it!

“World Literature for the Unworldly: Teaching Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh in a General Education Course,” ArteNews (July 2007). Read it!

“Putting Up with ‘Putting Up’: A Cultural Analysis of Homemade Jam in the Twenty-First Century.” M/C Journal 9.6 (February 2007). Read it!

“Bodies of History and Historical Bodies: Baryshnikov’s White Oak Project.” Performing Arts Journal 23:69 (summer 2001). Read an excerpt!

“The Truth About Pina Bausch: Nature and Fantasy in Carnations.” Postmodern Culture 10.2 (January 2000). Read an excerpt!

“A Recipe for ‘Blackened Other’: Process and Product in the Work of Victor Grippo.” M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture 2.7 (October 1999). Read it!

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