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Unguarded (Poetry Chapbook), The Heartland Review Press, 2017.

The Mauled Keeper (Poetry Collection), Main Street Rag, 2017. Download sell sheet here.

Chatterbox (Poetry Collection), Word Poetry Books, 2017.

The Clever Dream of Man (Poetry Collection), Aldrich Press, 2015.

The Poet’s Playground: Writing Exercises for Beginners. Five Oaks Press, 2014.

Reading Joan Didion (with William Lombardi). Greenwood Press, 2009

Reading Barbara Kingsolver (with Jennifer Warren). Greenwood Press, 2009

Food Culture of the Caribbean. Greenwood Press, 2005

A Selection of Recent Poems

Excerpts from Unguarded, published at the Wrath-Bearing Tree.

“On the Farm, Before You Leave for Afghanistan,” As It Ought To Be, nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Dear Blue Eyes” (p. 79), O-Dark-Thirty, the journal of the Veterans Writing Project.

“The Air Lit Afire,” honorable mention in the Tom Howard/ Margaret Reid contest

“Insomnia,” “Werewoman,” and “When one Door Closes,” Marathon Literary Journal

“Before the Sting,” South 85 Journal

“The Long Haul,” Cultural Weekly (a finalist in the 2016 Jack Grapes poetry contest)

“Fall Break in Paris Was a Mistake,” Brain Mill Press (editor’s pick in the National Poetry Month poetry competition)

“Jealousy” and “With Love to California, Now That I No Longer Live There,”Blue Lyra Review

“Spat, With Birdseed,” “Tending the Gaps,” and “The House After She’s Gone” The Good Men Project

“Don’t Expect the Sun Again Until Next Thursday,” Hermes

“Reincarnation As Someone With A Love Life” and “Requiem for Useful Things,” Melancholy Hyperbole, August 2015.

“Sweetwater Sister.” The Fem, June 2015. Listen to me read it on live radio here (starting at 53:20)

“The View Up Davey’s Shorts When I was Fourteen.” Painted Bride Quarterly, February 2015

“Darryl Sleeps Through The Best Sunrise I’ve Ever Seen.” Allys, 2014

“She Said Yeah.” Poydras Review, 2014

A Selection of Recent Essays 

“Heartwood,” Heartwood Literary Magazine, issue 4.

Review of J.A. Moad’s Outside Paducah, The Live Oak Review.

Review of Jehanne Dubrow’s Stateside, The Live Oak Review.

Review of Rayon Lennon’s Barrel Children, The Live Oak Review.

“Love Will Keep Us Together, Keep Us From Cannibalism” in Dead Inside: Poems and Essays About ZombiesBuy a copy!

Review of William Bradley’s FractalsNew Orleans Review.

“Mouth Noises,” Squalorly.

“Love and Loathing in Las Vegas.” Full Grown People, December 2014.

“Poems for my Zombie Lover: Dorothea Lasky’s Rome,” a poetry review, Five Oaks Press’ blog (fall 2014).

“My Father’s Secret.” Prick of the Spindle, 2013. Read an excerpt or Buy it!

A Selection of Recent Academic Articles

“The Transcendent Art of Transformation: Vivian Shipley’s The Poet,” Connecticut River Review, Summer 2016.

“Dixie Displacement: Exile from the South in Vivian Shipley’s Poetry,” Paterson Literary Review. Issue 44, 2016.

“Biting Critiques: Paranormal Romance and Moral Judgment in True BloodTwilight, and The Vampire Diaries” in A Critique of Judgment in Film and Television. Eds. Silke Panse and Dennis Rothermel. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. Buy it!

“Food Safety and the Abject: Mad Cow Disease and Racist Rhetoric in the Southwest.” South Atlantic Quarterly 107:2 (spring 2008)

“‘Making Do’: Caribbean Foodways and the Economics of Postcolonial Culture.” MELUS 32.2 (winter 2007)