“[Lynn Marie Houston’s] poems brim with an acceptance of the power of nature and wonder at the reality of life . . . Wise enough to be daunted by the world, brave enough not to let that fear control her, Houston writes poetry [in which] the thoughts expressed are so precise.”
—Kurt Baumeister, author of Pax Americana

LHouston MAULED KEEPER front cover

Order a copy of The Mauled Keeper, published by Main Street Rag Publishing Company. This collection, which examines the power dynamics of human-animal relationships, was a runner-up in the Cathy Smith Bowers contest, a runner-up in the New England Book Festival, and is a Montaigne Medal finalist.

“Houston’s poems are so compelling, so powerful, because they are physical and involve all of the senses . . . they are necessary because they teach the importance of listening to the cry of the heart.”
—Vivian Shipley, Connecticut State University Distinguished Professor, author of Perennial

Read individual poems from this collection:

“Insomnia,” “Werewoman,” and “When one Door Closes,” Marathon Literary Journal

“Before the Sting,” South 85 Journal

“Don’t Expect the Sun Again Until Next Thursday,” Hermes

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Click above to purchased a signed copy! This chapbook was the winner of the inaugural chapbook contest of the Heartland Review Press. The contest judge had this to say about this collection of epistolary-style poems sent as letters to a deployed soldier:

I have selected Unguarded as the winner. It is a coherent whole, its arc tracing the emotional plot of a woman waiting for her lover to return from a military deployment. It effectively links the changing seasons to the speaker’s fluctuating psychic experience. There is shape to the free-verse lyrics, which often end deftly and flow in accessible but rhythmic lines. . . .”
—Dr. Matt Brennan, Indiana State University

“Invariably, often by introducing metaphor, Lynn transforms a poem from personal experience to a level that connects with others. In order to pay tribute to all those who have served our country and those who sustained them while they were deployed, the moving and memorable poems in Unguarded are dedicated to ‘all the women who have waited for soldiers to come home.'”
—Vivian Shipley, Connecticut State University Distinguished Professor, author of Perennial

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This is a book of erasure poems from the texts of the linguist Stephen Pinker.

Here is a poem from this book that was published in the Ocean State Review in 2016:

Zero Shades of Grey

You can push her mouth open to drink her,
find melted butter. A girl can only giggle,
sparkle your table with classic glassware.

It’s decided: we won’t let them drive, vote,
or go to school. They can be flummoxed
by no-brainer tasks like sorting beads.

We know that this experience must include
silence, a shepherd’s hut, the king’s curiosity.
Raise them silently in dark rooms and attics,

the outcome is always the same: that tired dichotomy.
The erotic side of man has called forth so much
more discussion than has his appetite for food.

The reason is this: while the urge to eat
is a personal matter, sex involves another individual.
It is this other individual that causes all the trouble.

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Order a copy of The Clever Dream of Man (Aldrich Press, 2015), a book of poems about male-female relationships in all their forms. This work won 1st place in the Connecticut Press Club’s 2016 literary competition and went on to take 2nd place in the National Federation of Press Women’s book awards. The Clever Dream of Man was also listed among the top 30 must-read debut poetry collections of 2015 by the Literary Hub and was a finalist for the Indie Excellence Award.

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Order a copy of The Poet’s Playground, a book of poetry prompts for beginners that includes examples from my own publications and advice about publishing your work.

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